Digital Capital Partners - DCP03


Digital Capital Partners - DCP03

Colocation Zone is a single floor tenant in the Digital Capital Partners Data Center at 725 S. Wells Street, Chicago, Illinois. Colocation Zone occupies the entire third floor of the nine story building. Each floor, including the third, is served by a passenger and freight elevator allowing for easy access of personnel and equipment. Each floor is also served with its own set of toilet facilities and mechanical & electrical facilities known as base building services. The nine story facility was built as a printing facility and provides extreme floor loading of 250 PSF. 

In 2013 Colocation Zone purchased the assets of former tenant Time Warner Telecomm and C+K Architecture provided architectural services in the remodeling the space to include expanding the collocation area, reorganizing the existing space for more efficient use, increasing both the amount of deliverable power and density, as well as increasing HVAC capacity. The full gross floor plate is 6,500 square feet and features a mantrap primary entry directly off the passenger elevator. The space includes a small but efficient 550 sq ft Sales/Management office suite which anchors the administration duties of the business. It also includes a dedicated conference room that can be used for both staff and tenants. Dominating the floor is 4,588 sq ft of usable collocation space.

The floor is also home to the building’s Meet Me room. The MMR is the buildings connection to the (3) fiber entrances and all building tenants. The direct adjacency of the collocation space and MMR make a short and efficient cross connect to this important hub.

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